• We Are Family

    Franco Vega, Founder of the RightWay Foundation, shares how he and his organization try to fill a void from foster care many youth experience: family.

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    We Are Family
  • In My Own Words

    In her own words, 21-year-old Tee” Clark shares her story of foster care and how her faith, dance and advocacy work today keep her going.

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    In My Own Words
  • Proud Two-Dad Household

    Scott & Wilber are two proud dads who fostered-to adopt three siblings from nonprofit, RaiseAChild. They share their inspiring journey to starting a family.

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    Proud Two-Dad Household
  • I Beat The Odds

    Victor shares his journey of going from troubled youth to a thriving college student with Hillsides Youth Moving On Program.

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    I Beat The Odds

60% of foster youth wait 24 months or longer for adoption

5% change schools 7 or more times in k-12

58% graduate from high school while 3% graduate from college

After exiting care: 1/2 are homeless, 1/3 are unemployed, 1/4 are incarcerated

Michael and lis

Taking The Leap

Michael and Lisa Christensen who took the leap and fostered-to-adopt siblings to create their family, consider it one of the best decisions they've ever made.

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