• Nothing Can Break Me

    Jasmine shares her journey of growing up in foster care and ultimately how mentors and teachers were instrumental in helping her achieve success today.

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    Nothing Can Break Me
  • We Are the New Normal

    In this heartwarming clip from Raise A Child, two foster-to-adopt parents, Cleo and Camille, share their personal story of how they built their family.

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    We Are the New Normal
  • Making Graduation Possible

    Peter Samuelson, Co-Founder of First Star, shares how he fueled the needs of the 22,000 foster youth in LA into the First Star Academy.

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    Making Graduation Possible
  • I Have To Be A Role Model

    Shivonne Costa, a child therapist, blogger and foster parent, shares her experience of fostering two children with Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD).

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    I Have To Be A Role Model
  • Policy Is A Roadmap

    David Green, a Social Worker with LA County DCFS explains why policy is a road map for social workers and informs every decision made.

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    Policy Is A Roadmap

What Makes the Difference?

60% of foster youth wait 24 months or longer for adoption

58% change schools 7 or more times in k-12

58% graduate from high school while 3% graduate from college

After exiting care: 1/2 are homeless, 1/3 are unemployed, 1/4 are incarcerated


Proud Two-Dad Household

Scott & Wilber are two proud dads who fostered-to adopt three siblings from nonprofit, RaiseAChild. They share their inspiring journey to starting a family.

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Standing Strong

For Shawn Honoré, 25, mentorship and the desire to be a better person changed his life. Hear how he's thriving and giving back today.

Watch Shawn's Story


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