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4 Foreplay Tips to Make Your Woman Heave Herself Orgasms Again and Again!


These days the stress over money, gas, kids, and even housekeeping is killing the romance in most relationships. Luckily, there are a few techniques you can use to improve your romance. Romance doesn’t have to die a slow death just because you’re spread too thin. It’s as easy as switching up your moves, adding a little spice to it every so often, and having sex more often.

There is just one way to really have good sex with the woman you’re with. Stop being random and making it look like you don’t know what’s going on! skirt up your skirt a little, have her wear your old Jockey shorts – and how cute does it look to see her in shorts and panties on the bed? – and sit on the bed and have her get on top of you. holy macaroni!! Look what a difference in technique – now she’s begging to have you inside her!

Here are 4 foreplay tips to use when trying to get her to explode with pleasure with you during sex.

1. Switch it up. Don’t just do the same thing every time you have sex. If you and her are having great sex I’m sure you’re probably already aware of this. Instead, try to switch to other positions more often. You can have sex in the missionary position, you can have sex facing each other, you can have sex orally, try sex in other rooms in the house, go shopping and just try to lighten up your typical “olicity”! You’ll see that she’ll be more than happy to reciprocate!

2. Kiss “all over”, not just her lips! Try the neck, attempt to kiss her all the way down to the neck, and lightly kiss and caress her face. This can make her so hot that she will be begging for more – and she won’t know if you’re trying to make her cum or not!

3. “WHERE CAN I STIMULATE HER SENSES?”. There are many ways to stimulate her senses. Try light kissing and caressing in certain areas of her body. You can also use your tongue and hands for extra stimulation. Using your fingers in this area can be very effective. Lightly squeeze her nipples whilst you’re doing this – and she’ll be none the wiser!

4. “IT’S NOT ALL ABOUT THE BEDROOM”. Above all, forget about your own pleasure! Instead, make love to her whole body. Erogenous zones are key. Get to her belly button, and to the promenade of her neck, where her spine meets her body. It’s these spots you should gravitate towards. Then you can “make love” to her whole body without even thinking about intercourse. If you do this, you’ll have a great time.

5. “ICE cream strapped with a long butt”. Try to make love to her using just your fingers and the tips of your fingers. The buttocks contain much oil and natural lubricant, and if you use the right positions, you can give her a great orgasm. Don’t be boring, instead, add an entirely new sensation and she’ll be yours forever.

6. “Make her scream your name”. First, you must make her feel comfortable. You do this by letting her know that you’re with her team and not just her alone. Say words that will boost her ego. That will also boost her arousal and make her feel extremely pleasurable.

7. ” tickle the insides of her thighs”. This technique is guaranteed to make her laugh and stop her from screaming your name. The good thing about this technique is that it’s safe and doesn’t require you to be in a very private place. Moreover, it’s highly stimulatable. All you need to do is to tickle her thighs gently with your fingers. It’s safe and you can be sure that she will enjoy it.

“Give her an orgasm by breathing your hot breath over her sexual organs. The hot breath will disrupt her orgasm and give her pleasure instead.”