About Us

To Foster Change

To Foster Change is a three-year social impact initiative of PBS SoCal, aimed at inspiring change in the realities and life outcomes of Southern California’s foster youth. Through community discourse and powerful storytelling, we will raise public awareness of the personal struggles, social dilemmas and systemic challenges that affect the ability of foster youth to fully flourish. By exploring the people and issues involved from different points of view, we will expand the narrative about foster youth, clarify any misperceptions and demystify the foster care system. In the end, we hope the initiative will result in better life outcomes of foster youth. We will inspire the sharing of ideas and collaborative problem-solving in the foster youth community. And we will provide the public with information on ways to get involved.

The Initiative In Action

A great deal of work is underway to improve the lives of foster youth in Southern California – by both the public and private sectors. PBS SoCal, the flagship PBS station for Southern California with a reach of 18 million people, is joining these urgent efforts, contributing our expertise in mass media, trusted storytelling and community engagement to help raise awareness and understanding of the plight of our foster youth that inspires hope, action and – ultimately – change. A multi-faceted, multi-year campaign, To Foster Change is comprised of three main actions, each with important outcomes. Each facet of this initiative will bring foster youth voices to general audiences, helping to create an atmosphere for change.

  • Community Conversations

    We will host conversations between stakeholders, service providers, schools, agencies and leaders to discuss key issues, generate ideas and motivate collaborations. The focus will be on how public media storytelling – on-air, online and in the community – can enhance the great work that is already being done.

  • Content

    These conversations will help identify community partners and inform original documentary content. PSAs, web series, social content and documentaries will raise awareness of the issues and needs of this vulnerable population of children. Content will also reveal and reinforce the valuable contributions and accomplishments of those working with foster youth in this region, showing viewers that every little success counts.

  • Engage Foster Youth

    We will engage transitional age foster youth in storytelling, and offer them a place to express themselves. We will also provide mentorship, internships and other workforce development opportunities–all valuable in a city where 1 in 7 jobs are in the creative industries.

Why PBS SoCal?

As the flagship PBS station for Southern California, PBS SoCal has a vision for a Southern California that’s inspired to learn more, do more, and be more. We use the power of public media to inspire people to fulfill their full potential – and that’s what the To Foster Change initiative is all about.

The hallmark of PBS is masterfully telling stories with depth and substance. We will use our expertise in media and mass communications to highlight the work that’s already being done in the foster care community, in order to promote understanding that inspires hope and motivates action. We will bring high standards of journalism and production, and we will connect with large audiences. And we’ll build upon our successful educational and community outreach campaigns to create interactive opportunities for foster youth that have exceptional appeal, given young people’s fascination with television, film, video and digital media.

Partnerships will be critical to the initiative. There’s a great deal of important work being done for foster youth across the community, and we are most successful when we collaborate. PBS SoCal has a long history of success working with established organizations. We are a trusted convener, bringing people with common objectives together to discuss key issues, generate ideas and motivate collaboration that results in real change.

To see a full list of our community partners across Southern California, visit: Our Partners