New RISE Mobile School Brings
Education Directly to Foster Youth

Kari Croft and Erin Whalen, RISE High Founders

"This is a model that exists outside the traditional confines of space and time. Students don't have to be there from 9 to 4 all day, every day, to get credit for a class. We are working with students to build a schedule that works with them for their lives and responsibilities." - Kari Croft and Erin Whalen

Los Angeles educators Kari Croft, 26 and Erin Whalen, 29 have created a new mobile school called RISE High (Revolutionary Individualized Student Experience), designed to serve homeless and foster youth whose educations are frequently disrupted. Opening in 2017, the school will redefine high school for foster youth who struggle to remain in the same school long enough, given their frequent home placements every 3 to 6 months, by bringing school to them instead. Students will be able to learn through RISE’s online learning system and access a “mobile resource center”, equipped with Wi-Fi, a washer/dryer, necessities and homework assistance to the help neediest students.

Listen to Croft and Whalen’s inspiring journey to creating RISE High, one of 10 super schools nationwide to win $10 million in the XQ: The Super School Project high school redesign competition, funded by Laurene Powell Jobs, the widow of Steve Jobs.

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