Pro-Bono Lawyers Donate Their Time to Help Families

Alliance for Children's Rights

Jodi Berlin of Hooper, Lundy, & Bookman P.C.

"We were so happy with Jodi’s services that we requested Jodi’s assistance in adopting three siblings a year later. She was extremely organized, quick to respond and we felt like a top priority. In all the chaos, she was reassuring and confident. We are so thankful for her." - Mindy and Eric, Foster-to-Adopt family

Volunteer attorneys are the backbone of the Alliance for Children’s Rights, helping impoverished, abused and neglected children get the services and resources they so desperately need. In 2016, law firms and solo practitioners, including Jodi Berlin of Hooper, Lundy, & Bookman P.C., donated more than 31,000 hours to help 100,000 children and families get safe and stable homes, reliable healthcare and consistent education. Jodi (pictured above leaning in) has been working with the Alliance for the past 6 years and represented Mindy and her husband, Eric, in the adoption of all three of their children. To read the full story, visit: Alliance for Children’s Rights’ Pro-Bono Spotlight.

Types of Resources Available for Foster Parents

For foster parents and families – like Mindy and Eric in Jodi’s situation – they often need a spokesperson who can effectively negotiate the legal labyrinth during the fostering and adoption process. And all too often, parents can face a complicated web, involving multiple parties, many different laws and welfare policies, subsidies, kin-come-lately and large costs. When foster parents can’t afford a lawyer, pro-bono legal representation can be a option. The goal of pro-bono legal advocates for foster families is to make the California foster care system function as the law intended, keeping children safe and providing them with stability, security and permanency. To learn more about parenting resources, visit our Learn | Family page.

Why Not You?

It only takes one caring adult to make a difference in the life of a foster youth. Find out how you can get involved at

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