Project Fatherhood Has Helped 12,000 Dads Get More Involved

Children's Institute, Inc.

"Project Fatherhood is a like a brotherhood to me. It changed my life from day one. It made me want to come back and vent, speak and hear other guys talk. It was good knowing we weren't the only ones going through it. I was among real men. I found role models for myself... father figures, younger brothers, older brothers." - Project Fatherhood dad

In 1996, Children’s Institute (CII) recognized the barriers and challenges many dads across Los Angeles face, such as incarceration, drug abuse, unemployment and probation. They decided to take these challenges head on and spearhead a new program called Project Fatherhood. The program started with a small group of 10 dads in an open setting, where they could gather together one night a week, share their experiences and pass along advice to others. Today, Project Fatherhood has expanded to more than 22 groups across Greater LA and helped more than 12,000 fathers and 17,500 children. Watch this inspiring video from CII to see how the Project Fatherhood model has given dads the resources and support they need to become better parents.

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