Together We Rise Reunited 300 Siblings From Foster Care
At Disneyland

Together We Rise

"Almost all the kids we had in this group had never even been to Disneyland before. Just having them walk into the park and seeing their faces on that first ride... was touching. I found out that two siblings here were living separate and this was the first time they've had a full day to hang out together. The kids were so sweet and respectful to us. It just warmed our hearts." - Together We Rise volunteer staff

Every fall, hundreds of siblings who were separated when entering foster care, are reunited at the happiest place on earth: Disneyland. In September 2017, Together We Rise, an LA-based organization dedicated to improving the lives of foster youth, brought together over 300 brothers and sisters, some of whom were meeting each other for the very first time! Watch this inspiring video to see how hundreds of donors and volunteers have made this event possible, helping create lifelong memories for both the children and volunteers. To learn more about Together We Rise’s annual celebration, visit

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