Transitional Living Program Builds Career Paths for TAY

Samuel G. Gonzalez, Assistant VP of Supportive Housing

Hathaway Sycamores

"We provide a lot of tools for young adults to use–financial literacy, budget management, interviewing tips, job readiness–so when they leave us, they have them to use. Whether the program ends for them with housing or not, we're always there as a safety net. A little bit of understanding and passion can go a long way." - Samuel Gonzalez

In November 2000, Hathaway-Sycamores established the Transitional Independent Living Program to provide housing and supportive mental health services for foster and probation youth, ages 18 to 24 years old. The program provides housing, job training and other support services to help transition age youth (TAY) make the transition successfully from foster care placements to adulthood and independent living. Over the past years, it has changed the lives of many TAY, helping them get into competitive colleges, grad schools, workforce training, internship programs and jobs. Watch this inspiring clip of three former foster youth who share their unforgettable experiences with Hathaway-Sycamores.

More About Hathaway-Sycamores

The Transitional Independent Living Program’s unique model for independent living utilizes a “scattered site” approach. Each youth and a roommate share a two-bedroom apartment with rent subsidized on a graduated schedule over a two-year period. Other financial assistance includes bus passes and food vouchers. A support team, comprised of a youth advocate (former foster youth), case manager, emancipation clinician, youth advocate manager and program manager like Samuel Gonzalez, works collaboratively with youth to identify personal goals and build a plan to achieve those goals.

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