A foster parent or family, also known as a “Resource parent” is a family who opens their homes to children or teens who have been removed from their birth parents and provides temporary care. With the passing of the Continuum of Care Reform or AB403 in January 2017, more resource families are needed to care for the staggering number of foster youth without a permanent connection to a family. As a result, they need long-term relationships one or more caring adults.

  • About 38% of foster youth are placed in kinship care every year, while 51% still remain in foster care one year later.
  • About ½ of foster youth who age out every year leave without a permanent connection to a caring adult.
  • Roughly 3,000 foster youth enroll in extended foster care every year, giving them access to support services for 4 more years.

A Personal Perspective on Family:

Marcy’s Story

  • In foster care, family comes in all shapes and sizes. Four years ago, when Marcy Valenzuela was only 24, she decided to take in three of her eight siblings. She became a sister mom. “None of us thought our parents were going to get them back, and we didn’t want them to get lost in the system.”

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