Foster youth often experience a myriad of challenges, from the time they enter foster care to when they’re aging out and beyond. As a result, they need access to constant health benefits, services, programs, resources, tools and advocates who can support their health and well-being needs.

  • Common health challenges while living in foster care include behavioral problems, lack of self-esteem, depression and apathy.
  • Victims of child abuse and neglect are 42% more likely to be abused and neglected again later in life as children, teens or adults.
  • Teen girls in foster care are 2.5 times more likely to become pregnant by age 19.
  • 45% experience emotional or behavioral problems while in foster care.

A Personal Perspective on Well-Being:

Q’s Story

  • Facing independent living as a transitional age youth can be rough. Q emancipated herself from the Los Angeles foster care system at 18, and was homeless for 2 years before she got help and eventually a job from Hathaway-Sycamores. “I work for a nonprofit helping youth become independent adults, because I was once in their shoes.”

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