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Sarah Boone CEO of Extraordinary Families

"With our families, what we ask of them is to love and care and attach to a child while simultaneously preparing for the fact that the child may be reunified with their birth parents. For a parent to do that, is nothing less than extraordinary." - Sarah Boone

Sarah Boone is the CEO of Extraordinary Families, a nonprofit agency focusing on foster families, adoption and advocacy in Los Angeles. Through Sarah and her team’s work recruiting, training and supporting a diverse population of dedicated resource families across LA, Extraordinary Families has provided loving, safe and stable homes for thousands of foster children and youth. Sarah’s commitment is greatly influenced by her own experience as a foster-to-adopt parent. She’s the proud adoptive mother of three sons, whom she adopted from foster care when they were teenagers. Hear how this wonder-mom and CEO does it all, and the heartfelt story of one family she helped to foster a little girl.

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