Give Foster Youth A Chance

The Sustainable Life Project

"Our goal was to help break the cycle of poverty versus just feeding the symptoms of hunger. So that's why we created the Sustainable Life Project, to catch these kids before they fall through the cracks of society." - Eric Oberholtzer and Kevin Faist, The Sustainable Life Project, Tender Greens

52% of former foster youth are unemployed within 4 years of leaving foster care. 1 in 4 will become homeless within those 4 years. Tender Greens, a restaurant company based in Los Angeles, saw an opportunity to break cycles of poverty by providing jobs and work training to emancipated and at-risk foster youth. They created the Sustainable Life Project, a paid 6-month culinary internship program to guide, support and help them become empowered, self-sufficient adults. Learn more about the Sustainable Life Project here.

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