The Impact of Being a C.A.S.A.

Regan Phillips, Chief Program Officer, CASA OC
Judge Maria Hernandez, Judge of OC Superior Court
Nina Hamilton, CASA

"My journey with CASA started about 8 years ago. What I could do for them that other people couldn't do was bring them together once a week, provide consistency, listen and be there for them. They couldn't be together if it weren't for me. It changed me in a way that was really valuable. They're different people today because of me." - Nina Hamilton, CASA

In this inspiring video, three amazing women explain the importance of being a Court Appointed Special Advocate. These dedicated champions of children in foster care, describe what the process is like, what the misconceptions are, and ultimately how impactful CASA’s can be on the lives of foster youth. Hear Presiding Judge Maria Hernandez of the Orange County Superior Court emphasize the value that CASAs bring: “This is the most important work done in any criminal justice, family or civil justice system anywhere across the country.” Hear Regan Phillips, Chief Program Officer of CASA OC, reveal the truth behind the realities facing foster youth. And lastly, hear the story of CASA Nina Hamilton’s success in changing the lives of a pair of twins.

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Court Appointed Special Advocates or CASAs support and train advocates for abused or neglected children. There are a mandated 30-hours of pre-service training required and once done, CASAs will be appointed by a judge in a final swearing-in ceremony, like the one in the video. To become a CASA means you will: 1) Gather information; 2) Review documents and records; and 3) Interview the children, family members and professionals in their lives; 4) Be willing to commit at least one year of your time; 5) Be able to effectively communicate orally and in writing; 6) Be willing to participate in an in-depth training program; 7) Be able to pass criminal and CPS history background checks; 8) Be over 21. To learn more CASA OC, visit our Get Involved page.

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