I Am A Better Person Because of Him

Laura & William

"William was a happy little baby, but I started noticing at 2 years old that he was a little behind. That's when the doctor diagnosed him with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS). I thought as an educated person–especially being a teacher–that I could find help. But I couldn't, it was very hard. It wasn't until William's FAS specialists at USC suggested I speak with the Alliance that our lives changed. They stepped in immediately and provided speech therapy, occupational therapy, and an extra seven months of services for William. The doctors said he may never talk, play, sing, dance, walk, run... but look at him today. Going without any support versus going with the Alliance in my life was night and day." - Laura Sander

In this inspiring video from The Alliance for Children’s Rights, single mom and Los Angeles teacher Laura Sander, talks about her journey of fostering and ultimately adopting her son William from foster care, who was diagnosed with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS) at the age of two. She shares that despite the challenges of navigating the healthcare system as a single foster parent, she was able to create her own family and use her background in early childhood development to help William. She ultimately persevered thanks in large part to the Alliance.

Learn More About Fostering Children with Special Needs As A Single Parent

Although it is beneficial to have an extra set of hands around when things gets tough, for decades single parents have been rising to the personal challenges presented by fostering and adopting. In fact, more than 1/2 of L.A. County foster parents today are single and raising one or more children by themselves successfully. Laura Sander’s story shows how a single motivated and dedicated parent can, in fact, raise children with special needs with the right support services from organizations like The Alliance for Children’s Rights. To learn more about the kinds of resources available for single foster parents, visit our Learn | Family page.

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