Embracing Children of All Abilities

Linda and Toby Rideaux

Children's Institute, Inc. (CII)

"I think it's the best thing we did. I know that they're better–they're not perfect but they're better. You have to remember that these kids are our future. " - Linda and Toby Rideaux

Linda and Toby Rideaux have fostered over 20 children of all abilities and have adopted several as their own. Happily married for the past 35 years and currently living in Compton, CA, Linda and Toby are resourceful parents. They also have a unique support system around them. Living across the street from them is Linda’s sister who also takes in children. Listen to Linda and Toby’s incredible story as they speak about their unique experiences––and lessons learned in raising “their girls.”

Learn More About What Foster Parents Face

Foster parents like Linda and Toby care for children who have been removed from their birth families often due to a history of abuse or neglect. Foster parents share their background, parenting knowledge, education, security and love to raise these children in safe and loving homes. Critical to being a successful foster and/or adoptive parent is understanding the individual challenges each foster child faces and not taking their behavior personally. Sometimes parents and families may require additional training or knowledge in caring for foster children who have experienced trauma or who have special needs. Linda and Toby seek out the specific knowledge and expertise required to help each child reach their full potential. Ongoing assistance from organizations like Children’s Institute, Inc. can help. To learn more about fostering and adopting children through one of our agency partners, visit our Get Involved | Foster or Adopt page.

Why Not You?

It only takes one caring adult to make a difference in the life of a foster youth. Find out how you can get involved at ToFosterChange.org.

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