Nothing Can Break Me


"Walking away from USC with a college degree wasn't just walking away with an education. It was walking away knowing that I was strong enough to get through it all." - Jasmine Torres

Mentors and teachers were instrumental in helping Jasmine Torres achieve success. In this heartwarming video from The Storyboard Project, Jasmine shares her journey of growing up with a young mom and her grandparents, before going into foster care at the age of 9. However, her motivation to go to the University of Southern California (USC) never faltered. Today, the recent USC college grad has accomplished her dreams of becoming a successful, independent adult. While a student at UCS, she created the Guardian Scholars Program, a comprehensive program supporting former foster youth in their efforts to gain a university, community college or trade school education. Today, she serves as its program coordinator. Looking back, she says “I just didn’t want to NOT be anything. I think that really motivated me, knowing that I was smart. If I got here and was able to get through the hardest part, then I knew I could get through anything.”

Learn More About the Education Challenges Facing Youth

Earning a college degree is a hallmark of success for many young people transitioning into adulthood. For foster youth leaving the foster care system, however, the odds of going to college are often slim. Many students are at a higher risk of dropping out and if they are able to attend college, many still lack financial resources, are academically underprepared, struggle with mental health issues, and often lack the emotional support of a caring adult. Today only 3% of former foster youth today graduate college and Jasmine Torres is one of them. What helped her ultimately get to college – and can help many foster youth today –– was finding and getting support from mentors, teachers, transitional assistance programs and other resources. To learn more, visit our Learn | Education page.

Why Not You?

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