The Value of Supporting Foster Youth

Jhamasa Lewis-Adams

"I learned so much about music, so much about song writing. My mentors provided kids with the tools to kind of therapeutically heal themselves through the arts. That's another reason why I was able to escape from the foster care system unscathed or untouched in a way that I didn't feel like everything was negative about it." - Jhamasa Lewis-Adams

Jhamasa wound up in foster care due to her mother’s drug addiction, but that didn’t stop Jhamasa from going to college and continuing to develop her musical talents. Today, 24-year-old Jhamasa is not only a college graduate, but also an independent singer-songwriter, artist, fashion designer and entrepenuer developing her career. Hear how Jhamasa overcame a childhood of neglect to both accept help from others, and pay it forward to other former foster kids through the help of mentors and support programs like ReadyToSucceed LA, Peace4Kids and A Sense of Home.

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