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Naughty Text Messages

Naughty Text Messages

Naughty Text Messages

Naughty Text Messages  – If you’re looking for a way to send a Naughty text message and have it make your guy do more than die when he finds you, then you will want to know how to send the right text messages that will make him think about you at all times.

You will NEVER be disappointed again knowing the kind of tricks that you can use on your guy to send him the right kind of text messages.

Try these tricks and you’ll notice a huge difference:

Remember that you can be pretty sure that a man is thinking about you and only you, so you must try really hard to make him think about you.

Most women tend to get busy with their careers and kids, so the last thing on your mind when you’re thinking about sex is making sure that you can compete with all of the other women he is surrounded by.

You need to learn how to compete with the women he is surrounded by by by using the power of sexy text messages.

Most women think that men only talk dirty when they want sex. Women have been convinced that since men can become aroused with just staring at a beautiful woman, they also need to do the same thing. That is so far from the truth.

You can create the same kinds of dreams for your man that millions of women dream about. You can send him off into a deeper state of fantasy with just a few select words of your voice.

Try a cute little text message capsule and you can be rest assured that he will remain totally satisfied, as well as satisfied by you.

Imagine sending him a text saying: “If you were a hotter fish, I would just melt in your mouth… ”


Imagine enjoying sex with a text saying: “I can’t wait to feel your firm nipples against my tense clitoris… ”

In addition to allowing him to pursue his sexual fantasies, this kind of text also allows you to let him know exactly how you feel sexually.

You will be surprised at the kind of things that your man will respond to. He might write back with a few detailed prompts where you have been instructed how and where to touch you.

Or you might get a response like this: “I just love when you lick my clit. It makes me cum so hard and wild. You make my clit so sore and tender.”

In addition to this, he will be greatly encouraged to return the favor. Many men will write back with detailed instructions on what to do.

Sexy text messages are a great way to keep your man’s mind on you. However, he may only require a handful of messages to get back to you with something to hang onto. If you require a lot more than a dozen of text messages to get her to where you want her to be, then spend a little more time on getting her there.

To sum it up; the power to mold your man’s thoughts about you through the medium of text messages can be attainable. You can use sexy text messages to manipulate your man’s mind to get him to do everything you want in bed from begging to be intimate to having intense orgasms.