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Video Project

To Foster Change created the Youth Voices Video Project to allow foster youth to tell their own stories. The project team selected former foster youth from across the area to attend a video production bootcamp. A professional filmmaker guided each youth through the storytelling process helping them capture their own lives on camera. In addition to learning the skills necessary for a career in Los Angeles’ massive creative industry, To Foster Change surprised each budding filmmaker with a camera and stipend at the end of the program. Watch this behind-the-scenes look at the first-ever Youth Voices Video Project.
Junely gives a speech at graduation


In this poignant piece, Junely talks about her transformation from “lost girl” to teen parent to scholar and advocate for young mothers.

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Roshawn stands at the edge of the water


Roshawn talks about how most people have pictures to chart their memories – she doesn’t have many pictures, so her tattoos are her reminders.

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Jamie smiling, standing next to a clothing rack


In this revealing piece, Jaime talks about the difficulties of adjusting to adulthood after foster care.

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Jasmine uses interpretive dance to express herself


Jasmine uses a few of her many artistic talents to tell the story of her childhood trauma and how she began to heal.

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Fatima joyfully raises her arms


In this piece, Fatima shares how foster care helped her go back to school even as a young, single mom.

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Genesis standing in a stadium field


Genesis made the difficult choice to live apart from her family and focus on academics.

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Mei-le holding a brown paper bag


Having created a secure life that she doesn’t have to flee from, Mei-Le’s backpack is finally, just a backpack.

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The Legacy

In her spoken word piece, Laura chronicles her journey out of foster care and into a loving forever home.

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lazarus-web version2560x1440-1

Lazarus Rises

Current USC graduate student, Lazarus wrote, directed and performed this powerful music video chronicling his journey from abuse and neglect to joy and advocacy.

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Not Your Statistic

Watch Shari tell her uncensored and compelling story about her journey from growing up in Watts to pursuing her Master’s degree.

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